Insurance Cleaning

Restoring Your Home

If your home has been damaged as a result of factors outside of your control, you’ll want to restore things back to normal as quickly as possible. At Toughmuck, we offer insurance cleaning solutions, specifically cleaning properties that have been affected by water and fire damage.

To get started with our insurance cleaning solutions, you must first get in touch with one of our experts, who will consult with you thoroughly. We will need to know what areas of your property have been damaged and how much cleaning needs to be carried out. Our staff may arrange an initial inspection of your property, which will give them a better idea of how to approach such an urgent cleaning project.


Fire and Water Damage Solutions

We realise that instances of water and fire damage often lead to more extreme cleaning measures becoming necessary. Rest assured, our team has access to state-of-the-art cleaning products and equipment, which allows them to tackle the following:

  • Clearing Excess Water
  • Scrubbing Burn Marks
  • Eliminating Foul Odours
  • Sweeping Away Soot and Ash
  • And More!

We take extra care during insurance cleaning projects to make sure that the property in question is restored to a clean, hygienic, and liveable state. You can expect our staff to work with speed and efficiency, as they keep you up to date on our progress. We have plenty of experience in dealing with both water and fire damage, so we’re confident in being able to leave your property in the best possible state.

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The cost of each insurance cleaning project will vary depending on your coverage and how much damage has been caused. Call us now on 01202 985 116 (Dorset) or 01425 524 125 (Hampshire) to arrange a FREE quote and get started with our cleaning professionals.

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