End of Tenancy Cleaning Wimborne

Do you own a property that you rent out to tenants? Are you looking to invest in a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to ensure it is ready for new tenants? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Toughmuck are the premier team for end of tenancy cleaning, Wimborne clients. Call us today on 01202 985116 for more. 

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in Wimborne 

Here at Toughmuck, we provide professional end of tenancy cleaning in Wimborne. If your previous tenants moved out and left the property in a state, we can come in and clean it for you, making it ready for new tenants to move in. 

Why Hire a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaner?

While you can always try and carry out a clean yourself between tenants, this isn’t as simple as it may seem. For one, carrying out a deep clean to make a property ready for new tenants is time consuming and, if you run a business or own multiple properties, you simply won’t have the time to commit to this job. By hiring a professional team, you will free up your own time for more important matters. 

Another reason why you should hire professional end of tenancy cleaning in Wimborne is the cost. Our services are highly affordable, and we come prepared with the necessary equipment and cleaning materials to carry out a first class job. If you attempted the clean yourself, you would end up spending a large amount of money on cleaning supplies and never reach the same level of clean as us. 

Which brings us to our third reason; the level of clean achieved. As professionals, we will carry out a thorough deep clean of your property. This is something those without training or experience simply won’t be able to match. 

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What We Offer in Our End of Tenancy Cleaning

At Toughmuck, we offer a variety of individual cleaning services within our Wimborne end of tenancy cleaning, including: 

  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom and Toilet 
  • Carpet 
  • Windows and Doors 
  • Bedroom 
  • Oven  

To find out more about our services call 01202 985116 today

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Kitchen Cleaning

It is important that the kitchen is clean and germ free as this is where food is prepared. Our expert team can thoroughly scrub the kitchen, from the counters and appliances to the floors, ensuring it is sparkling clean and hygienic. 

Bathroom and Toilet

The bathroom, particularly toilets, can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so it is important to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned throughout. We can handle this for you, cleaning all areas of the bathroom from the toilet and sink to the bath, shower, and floors. 

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are notorious for trapping dirt and bacteria in their fibres, so they need to be deep cleaned to return them to freshness. This is something we can handle at Toughmuck, as we use the best equipment to thoroughly clean carpets. 

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are something that is often overlooked, but it is important they are cleaned too. Potential tenants will see the windows first, and dirty windows won’t be appealing, so we make sure they are sparkling clean both inside and out. As for doors, these can be unhygienic with so many people touching them, so we disinfect doors and handles. 

Bedroom Cleaning

We can also carry out bedroom cleaning as part of our end of tenancy cleaning, Wimborne clients. Every nook and cranny will be cleaned. 

Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning is an added extra to our kitchen cleaning, but we have the equipment and skill to thoroughly clean ovens, making them good as new.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Wimborne Prices

Our Wimborne end of tenancy cleaning is highly affordable, with prices for a 1 bedroom property starting at just £150 and ranging up to £350 for a 4 bedroom property. 

Why Choose Toughmuck for Your End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Here at Toughmuck, we are a professional cleaning team with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. As such, whatever your requirements may be for end of tenancy cleaning in Wimborne, we can assist and provide a first class clean. 

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