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Are you looking to book your contract cleaning, Dorset customers? Are you searching for the best commercial cleaning company in Dorset? Then look no further than Toughmuck, as we provide a 5-star cleaning service throughout Dorset and the New Forest. To find out more, call us today on 01202 985116. 

Professional Contract Cleaning in Dorset  

Finding the time for cleaning can be a challenge, and it’s easy to keep putting it off. When you do find time, you’re often left with lacklustre results. Why make life harder than it needs to be when you can simply request contract cleaning from Toughmuck – the number one commercial cleaning service in Dorset? 

We provide a service that’s entirely tailored to your needs, and with 25 years of experience to call on, you can count on receiving stellar results. 

Reliable and Affordable Contract Cleaning in Dorset

We offer a reliable service as we know you’re putting a lot of trust in our commercial cleaning specialists. We also recognise that contract cleaning might not be top of your list of expenses, and so we’ve made it as affordable as possible. Toughmuck offers personalised cleaning plans, a 24-hour call-out provision, and immediate detailed reports and quotes. 

Plus, we offer a COSHH, CSCS-registered and health and safety compliant service. We also provide all the cleaning equipment and materials, so you only need to pay for our time. 

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Would you like to enlist the friendly professionals here at Toughmuck? Then all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us on
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Flexible Cleaning Contracts to Suit Your Needs  

We recognise that not everyone works on the same schedule, so neither do we. Our contract commercial cleaning service is entirely flexible, scheduled to fit around your routine. We can keep your home or business neat and tidy through scheduled visits planned in advance. 

Perhaps you need to keep us on retainer to provide end of tenancy cleaning. Maybe you’re seeking interval cleaning for your home. Or maybe you’d like our commercial cleaning specialists to clean your business premises before or at the end of each working day. With 24-hour availability, we can make ourselves available whenever is suitable for you. 

To find out more about our services call 01202 985116 today

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What Can We Do for You?   

We can provide a whole host of cleaning services as part of your personalised cleaning plan. We’ll discuss what’s needed with you before we begin and work up a plan that can be adjusted at any time. Then, our cleaners will arrive when scheduled and clean the areas outlined in the plan. This can include the carpets, walls, toilets, kitchen, office area, hygiene services, etc. 

Commercial Contract Cleaning   

Besides commercial contract cleaning, the team at Toughmuck offer other cleaning services too, including: 

  • Office Cleaning 
  • Window Cleaning 
  • Domestic Cleaning 

Whether you’re looking to keep your home looking presentable, have your windows sparkling 24/7 or provide your office workers with a clean workplace, we can help. We’re confident you won’t find a more accommodating team of commercial cleaners anywhere else. 

To learn more about the other cleaning services we offer, keep reading or give us a call. 

Office Cleaning  

A clean office equals happy, healthy, motivated employees, while a dirty office leads to an increase in staff illnesses, lower morale, and reduced productivity. An enclosed office space is a haven for germs, allergens, dirt, and other nasties, so regular office cleaning is a must. Our office cleaning service covers everything, from desk and IT equipment cleaning to bin emptying, kitchen cleaning, toilet cleaning, and window cleaning. 

Whatever you need to have your office looking immaculate, you can count on our cleaning specialists to deliver! 

Window Cleaning  

On the subject of window cleaning, this can be provided as part of our contract cleaning service or as a stand-alone service. The windows are the first thing people see when approaching the building. They are also what lets in daylight, leaving the interiors feeling bright and airy. But dirt, bird droppings, grime, etc., can foul up your windows, leaving them looking unsightly and reducing the intake of daylight. 

Our window cleaning services are carried out by trained professionals and assure you of a streak-free, pristine finish. Your windows will be left looking sparkling. 

Domestic Cleaning   

Besides commercial environments, we at Toughmuck can also come and clean your home. If you lead a busy personal and work life, finding the time to clean can be difficult. Conversely, you might simply not wish to spend your free time cleaning your home. Whatever the case might be, you can request our domestic cleaning services on a contract basis. Call now to enquire about a personalised cleaning plan.

Why Choose Tough Muck for Contract Cleaning in Dorset?    

When it comes to tough cleaning jobs, you need Toughmuck. We provide a 5-star cleaning service throughout Dorset and the New Forest that’s backed by 25 years of experience. You’re trusting complete strangers to come into your home or business to clean. At Toughmuck, we value qualities such as loyalty and respect, providing our customers with complete peace of mind. 

We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it’s the results we deliver, our impeccable service or highly affordable rates, we’re confident you’ll be left dazzled when you choose Toughmuck. 

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