Biohazard and Sensitive Cases

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When it comes to hazardous materials, you must remember that these need to be handled with care and disposed of correctly in line with all relevant legislation. You must be licensed to handle and dispose of such items, so it’s best to leave it to the experts. At Toughmuck, we offer a range of biohazard cleaning services, dealing with issues ranging from vomit and removal of dead animals to droppings, aftermath services, and even blood.

Pretty much any substance which could pose a threat to the health of a living organism constitutes a biohazard and should be dealt with by us.

As for sensitive cases, this often relates to facilities, such as laboratories. Such facilities have stricter protocols in place, especially if appliances or products are being cleaned too. As a company, we’re fully insured, and our team are trained to work in line with best industry practices. Not only that, but we’re also COSHH compliant too and fully versed in health and safety. So, we’re the team you need to call if you require biohazard and sensitive case cleaning.

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